Recycled packing materials…

We’ve had a few questions and comments about the boxes and packing materials that are used when we ship candles… Questions like: “Why did the box have so many different kinds of packing materials in it? It looks kind of messy.” or “The box you shipped my order in had a logo from another company on it and I was concerned because I hadn’t ordered anything from them. Why did you use their box?”.

Here’s the deal: Our goal is to provide a unique and beautiful product to our customers while doing everything in our power to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Period.

We could order special shipping boxes which our logo all over them, special form-fitting packing materials to make everything look pretty inside the box, special paper and labels for shipping… But we don’t. We don’t want to – and we don’t ever plan to. Why? Because it just creates more waste.

Think about it…All of the energy and materials required to make the special materials, then those materials have to be shipped to our facility… Then our wonderful customers receive their pretty boxes with the pretty packing materials inside and what do they do with it all? Maybe they can use the box for some other purpose… But heck, there’s not much use for all those “pretty” packing materials that we special ordered so those might get recycled – or worse – thrown in the garbage.

We can’t sleep at night thinking about all that waste. Especially when there are so many clean and sanitary recycled and/or repurposed materials that we can use for our packaging. So yes – you might receive your beautiful candle packed in a bed of shredded paper, packing peanuts of all varieties, pieces of foam, air pouches, bubble wrap, cardboard scraps – or anything else we can find and reuse that would have made its way into the landfill. Oh yes, the box you receive will also be recycled. It might have other labels that have been peeled off, marked out, covered up, etc. We ship with repurposed boxes whenever possible. Occasionally we use use new boxes whenever we have exhausted all other options, but that happens very rarely.

miscellaneous packing materials

Recycled shipping materials!

We use as many recycled materials as possible during our manufacturing and shipping processes. We use recycled paper for all of our printing. Not a drop of wax gets wasted when making candles, and almost all of our wax is organic American grown soy wax. We generate almost no trash, and almost every scrap of trash we may generate is recycled. We will do everything we can to make as little negative impact on the environment as possible – while making sure your candle arrives looking beautiful, perfectly safe, and free of damage.

So please – look beyond the “ugly” packing materials and realize that together we have created a beautiful candle and also prevented some waste. We hope those unusual packing materials will look beautiful to you now that you know what they are, and we sincerely hope you can find a way to repurpose them too.

Thanks for listening. Keep those comments and questions coming, we love to hear from you!